Emily M Lyman Foundation
  • To provide financial support to Vermont, New York, and California families enduring         pediatric cancer.
  • To promote the implementation of creative writing in schools.
  1. Managing Director
When I read Emily’s poem, A Single Leaf, and I get to the following line, I can’t help but smile, despite the sadness I feel at her absence:

                            “Warm sunlight shines through the bare branches of trees
                              It hits me in the face
                              Lighting up the space around me
                              As if I were an angel sent from heaven.”

Emily is my angel sent from heaven. She was born into this world to have an impact – and wow, was she ever successful at doing that! Read on:

Helen, a woman who was gifted the book, Emily and Her Wish to be Famous, has been so influenced by Emily that she is referencing Emily’s story and poetry in a book on slate to be published about feeling gratitude,

 …We have been given the second chance that was not granted to Emily Lyman who reached out to so many in just 15 short years.  Let us use our extra 15 years as best we can. May it lead us to appreciate what is good, and to do what we can to leave this world in somewhat better shape than we found it? Then, as young Emily said, “whatever happens, we will have no regrets”

Paige, a former classmate of Emily’s, who shared Emily’s passion for Harry Potter, wrote a poem about Emily for a college writing course. Here is an excerpt:

                               "…She guides our way
                                and lives in us
                                and though we may want it—
                                we don’t need any resurrection stone to bring her back
                                because her own impact keeps her with us.

                                Like Harry Potter, not once did she falter.

                                Like Harry Potter, despite all odds, she continues to live.

                                Like Harry Potter, she deserves to be famous
                                because she never drew attention to herself
                                so we have to do so for her.

                                She was the bravest, this Gryffindor girl…                                                  (Emily dressed up as Hermione for Halloween.)

                                She’s still the fiercest, this Gryffindor girl…

                                 Emily, you will always be our Gryffindor girl.

December 13th will mark 5 years since Emily so suddenly left us. We continue to keep her ever present in our daily lives and conversations, and I forge ahead to make her dying wish come true – of one day becoming famous. Please help me to spread Emily’s name and words far and wide, by spreading her story to all of your friends and co-workers, and by donating to the Emily M Lyman Foundation.

                                                                                                                Thank you!          XOX   Monica  (Emily’s mom)

The Emily M Lyman Foundation hopes to gives both intellectual and spiritual light, through writing workshops, author's visits, and Emily's many wonderful  writing pieces.
The Emily M Lyman Foundation strives to make the lives of families coping with pediatric cancer more cheerful and bright through monetary contributions.
Emily enlightend our world with her intellectual curiosity and her positive outlook on life. She had an impact on everyone she met. Her determination and insight were contagious. We continue to learn from her.