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To provide financial support to Vermont, New York, and California families enduring pediatric cancer.
To promote the implementation of creative writing in schools.

Emily M Lyman Foundation

I hear the crowd’s whispers ripple like a wave
As my heart fails to be brave
Beating like a drum in my chest
Echoing throughout this curtained cave
This show has to be the best
It is much more important than the rest
Everything has led here
The final test
As the time to start draws near
I suddenly lose all fear
For I am no longer me
My old identity has been wiped clear
Through this new person I see
The way the world should be
And as I take my last curtsy
I realize that theatre will always keep me free.
The Emily M Lyman Foundation hopes to gives both intellectual and spiritual light, through writing workshops, author's visits, and Emily's many wonderful  writing pieces.
The Emily M Lyman Foundation strives to make the lives of families coping with pediatric cancer more cheerful and bright through monetary contributions.
Emily enlightend our world with her intellectual curiosity and her positive outlook on life. She had an impact on everyone she met. Her determination and insight were contagious. We continue to learn from her.